A good garment bag is a major key in being able to make a good first impression wherever you’re heading! Not to mention, by keeping your suits or other expensive clothing protected, it’ll save you a lot hassle when you arrive at your destination.

Imagine having already traveled for hours only to find out you need to find someone to steam press your clothes because they were wrinkled and creased during travel. No one wants to deal with that, so consider purchasing one of the garment bags below to avoid the hassle!

Also, just a quick note, this list was created specifically for garment bags that are probably being taken longer distances. So, the user will most likely will be packing one or multiple suits and most likely flying to his or her destination.


Best Garment Bag for Travel Overall:

WallBags 52-inch Framed Tri-Fold Garment BagWallyBags 52-inch Framed Tri-Fold

It’s tough to beat Wally Bags in the garment bag category. They make an incredible product that’s not overpriced. Wally Bags specializes in creating garment bags that meet the demands of today’s business travelers.

They offer a variety of styles whether it’s a tri-fold vs. bi-fold design, economic versus performance models, they really carry it all. This bag is the clear winner in my opinion. It’s clean, compact, easy to carry, will fit in the overhead compartment, and keep your garments neat and wrinkle free. Not to mention it will last for years to come. You can’t ask for much more than that.


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Best Garment Bag with Wheels:

TUMI Alpha 2 Carry On 4 Wheel Garment BagTumi Alpha 2 4 Wheeled  Garment Bag

In the end, if you’re looking for something with wheels that’s going to be carrying very expensive suits or dresses, TUMI is the brand to go with and this is the bag to purchase. TUMI is a Samsonite company so you know they have experience with creating high quality luggage.

Keep in mind your suits or dresses will be inches from the ground where rain, debris, and who-knows-what-else in the airport is found. You want a bag that’s going to protect these difficult to replace items, so they arrive safely at your destination in pristine condition.


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Best Garment Bag for Domestic Travel:

TravelPro Crew 11 22-inch carry on rolling garment bagTravelpro Crew 11 22″ Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag

I couldn’t leave this bag out of the mix, but if you plan on traveling domestically for more than just a couple days, this is the one you want to purchase. You should be able to fit enough clothes for a 5-day business trip in here with ease. The wheels are well-made, and it should fit into the overhead compartment of most major airlines without a problem.

Only downside is it is wide. You won’t be able to roll this in the middle aisle of some airlines and you’ll probably have to carry it to the overhead compartment. Not a huge problem, but just enough to be inconvenient.


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Best Garment Bag for International Travel:

Tumi Alpha 2 4 Wheeled Extended Trip Garment BagTumi Alpha 2 4 Wheeled Extended Trip Garment Bag

This bag is a beast. The price is high, but so is the storage capacity and the quality of the bag. International travelers are often staying for more than a week at a time so I took that into account when choosing this bag. You need something that has the capacity to hold many items and something that’s going to roll around easily because you’re not going to be traveling lightly.

There’s even a compartment in it to keep suits or dresses separated from your footwear. The only downside is it is heavy, but there’s four wheels that will allow it to glide around with ease. Click the link below and check it out for yourself, this bag can do it all!


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Most Economically-Priced Garment Bag:

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment BagZEGUR Carry-on Garment Bag

If you only take a trip or two a year, you probably don’t want to invest in anything super expensive right off the bat. The Zegur garment bag is an excellent, economical option for those infrequent travelers that still need something to safely transport their suits or dresses in.

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Honorable Mention:

TravelPro Crew 11 Bi-Fold Carry On Garment BagTravelpro Crew 11 Bi-Fold Carry-on Garment Bag

This bag is ideal for the semi-frequent business traveler as it will easily hold 2 suits, 3 max. Although it doesn’t have wheels, that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. If I’m only traveling for a couple of days and taking this as a carry-on, I’d rather not take a bulky garment bag simply because they’re difficult to get on and off the plane.

I felt this bag earned an honorable mention as it’s a great competitor to the overall Wally Bag winner. This bag is compact, affordable, and lightweight, but in terms of performance I still think the Wally Bag is the clear winner.


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Still not sure what features you should be looking for? Take a look at the Garment Bag Buying Guide to learn some more about the features you should be taking into consideration for your next garment bag purchase.

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