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What are Smart Luggage Tags?

While you can take a number of different steps to ensure your luggage ends up at its intended destination on time, mistakes can happen, and your luggage can get delayed or worse, lost. And even if you

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Why Frequent Travelers Should be LOVING Home Automation

For someone that’s out of the house often and sometimes for extended periods of time, I’ve found that a lot of home automation products make it easy for me to keep an eye on the empty house. With a

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Forgot to Turn Off the Lights Before Bed? Here’s your Solution.

Since 2014, Amazon has been having a special day around July called ‘Prime Day’. It’s basically a day of exclusive deals for Amazon Prime Members. Being a Prime member for the past couple

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The Most Kick-Ass Bluetooth Speaker Money Can Buy

Altec Lansing IMW789 LifeJacket XL Bluetooth Speaker Review Okay, maybe I exaggerated the title a little bit. If you want to go all out and pickup an entire SONOS system, which is technically still a “Bluetooth

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