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The Most Kick-Ass Bluetooth Speaker Money Can Buy

Altec Lansing IMW789 LifeJacket XL Bluetooth Speaker Review Okay, maybe I exaggerated the title a little bit. If you want to go all out and pickup an entire SONOS system, which is technically still a “Bluetooth

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How To Install a Pistol Grip On a Savage Arms Stevens 320

How to Install a Pistol Grip on a Savage Arms Stevens 320 – 12 Gauge Shotgun For less than $200, you can have a decent home defense shotgun that will get the job done. The Stevens 320 has caught

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124 Useful Real Estate Links

After taking a real estate course my book had these little side paragraphs of information with links to these websites. Before I finished the course and returned the book to Amazon, I decided to compile

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