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Forgot to Turn Off the Lights Before Bed? Here’s your Solution.

Since 2014, Amazon has been having a special day around July called ‘Prime Day’. It’s basically a day of exclusive deals for Amazon Prime Members. Being a Prime member for the past couple

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Amazon Reviews – Addressing the Negative & Praising the Positive

As a seller on Amazon, reviews play an enormous role in your product’s success. Positive reviews can skyrocket sales, while negative reviews can push you into the darkest and deepest places of the search

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3 Crucial Tips for Setting Up Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Amazon can be…finicky at times. In my opinion the system they use is by no means perfect, but it does work. As a result of this, I’ve learned a couple things that might prove to be valuable to new

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Basic Amazon Advertising Strategies & Tips

With Amazon Advertising there is a sort of learning curve that takes place to figure out how to work the system and how to beat your competitors. I believe Amazon provides some help with learning how to

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